Today Is Your Day to Be Fearless

Our purpose is to equip the manufacturing workforce with everything it needs to succeed using an inspiring, never-ending training and educational system. Our ultimate goal is to become a model of training excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency that can be offered to other communities throughout the country.

The Fearless Factory will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing studio, learning lab, and makerspace designed to cultivate the leaders and innovators of Ohio's next industrial revolution. At this cutting edge facility, passionate, action-oriented professionals will use the latest technology and proven, hands-on teaching methods to prepare learners as job-ready contributors from day one after completion. We believe that people learn best through multi-sensory methods, and that learning should be an on-going process. These principles will become the new norm for post-secondary education and training.

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The key to the Fearless Factory's success will be to create job-ready leaders, not just technically competent ones. This will be achieved through a synthesis of proven apprenticeship models that hone technical skills, like those from Germany, and learning environments that provide future leaders a model of collaboration, creativity, and boldness. By offering longer-term apprenticeships alongside shorter-term training programs—both of which will be developed to fit specific industrial needs—the Fearless Factory will produce a workforce that is smart, adaptable, and capable of filling the many manufacturing jobs available throughout Ohio.

Just as Ohio is "The Heart of it All," the Fearless Factory is poised to become the heart of Ohio's rejuvenated industrial sector. While the structured programs offered at the Fearless Factory will give young workers the skills they need to get to work, the facility's collaborative, community-oriented workspace will enrich its surrounding area by nurturing creative thought, innovative action, and the entrepreneurial spirit among local residents.

The Fearless Factory is brought to you by the Fearless Pioneers, a group of action oriented, ruggedly entrepreneurial professionals from the Ohio area.

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